Merchants game postponed. by valentine
Thu - 21 Jan 2016
over 1 year ago

I’ve given up on the game for a while. There’s a lot missing, things that should’ve been thought and hashed out earlier. Basically, I have no idea the direction I want to take. Target a small number of players, large, what kind of economy, what

Working on another game by valentine
Thu - 25 Jun 2015
about 2 years ago

The working title is Merchants. I have some ideas of where it should head, but nothing final. I’ve seen a lot of interesting examples that fit, Naviage or Age of Oceans as it was once called, and recently another game, StarTrade. Both flash,

Phasellus molestie elit metus. by valentine
Mon - 07 Jan 2013
over 4 years ago

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