I’ve given up on the game for a while. There’s a lot missing, things that should’ve been thought and hashed out earlier.
Basically, I have no idea the direction I want to take. Target a small number of players, large, what kind of economy, what kind of game type, and so on.
The basic Idea was to leave everything in flux, and see how far I could reach. Well, the game logic part is simple, but the client side is harder. A lot of Javascript I don’t care, not to mention the care needed to make keep loose ends at a minimum. Multiplayer games are like that, prone to “gaming”.

In the end, I realized that instead of creating something so open ended, trying something a lot simpler would be better. Which is what I’m doing now, or at least trying if my day job and well meaning family wouldn’t keep on slowly killing me.

This other project is almost done now, I’ll probably post something sooner or later.